Help us raise awareness for the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle with these shirts, hats and other real men eat plants product. The Real Men Eat Plant diet is optimal with many proven health benefits and is also good for the environment. Show the world that Real Men Eat Plants! Promote the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and encourage others to join in and make this bold choice as well!

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to promote plant-based diets. There are plenty of reasons to adopt a vegetarian diet. For one, it has a lot of health benefits, especially when processed foods are reduced (or removed altogether). Not only are all your nutritional needs met, but you'll also reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and other diseases. The science is in and it’s a real win-win!

Moreover, it's also better for the environment. Meat production is a considerable contributor of greenhouse gasses. So if more people go for plant-based diet, the lesser the impact will be. This is not to say that agriculture is without its effects, but every little bit matters.

And then there’s the low-key stigma faced by people going for vegetarian diets. Particularly in the case of males. There's a stereotype that "real men" must eat lots of meat, red meat, and going for healthier plant-based option is unmanly or effeminate. The same goes for other environmentally-conscious lifestyle choices. And that’s why we have set out to dispel that notion and show that healthy, eco-friendly vegetarian options don’t detract from anyone’s masculinity. They are valid and sensible choices and staking one’s manhood on the amount of steaks one eats is just silly and childish.

Kids complain about having to finish their broccoli.

Real Men Eat Plants and we aren’t afraid to say so!

"I get to wear a healthy lifestyle that I have been promoting"

Robbie X.
Valued Customer

About Us

Bryan Dennstedt

Hi I'm Bryan! A vegetarian pushing vegan, eating a whole food plant-based diet! How did I get into this?

A quote from the movie Forks Over Knives inspired me. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend checking it out.

I have been having a vegetarian debate for years. I never saw the point in it until this movie. I have been a champion of the environment for quite some time, recycling, riding my bike to work as much as I can, driving a hybrid, buying earth-friendly products. It never dawned on me that I can help the environment even more by eating plants.

So this website was born, as a way for me to stay focused and try to help drive change in the world.

If you feel the same way please let me know, I would love to have other people submit articles to help make this a truly great resource for men looking to make vegan or vegetarian a regular part of their diet. I need help! Please contribute an article a link or anything.

If you've read this far, I issue you a 30 day vegetarian or vegan challenge. Come on you've been eating meat your whole life. What is 30 days to simply try it out? Who knows maybe you'll become a REAL MAN EATING PLANTS!